Diagnose Me: Part Two

Posted on Feb 17, 2010

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So, apparently, the results are inconclusive.  Go figure! It’s like I’m an enigma wrapped up in a mystery concealed in a vest pocket of oxymorons.  I mean honestly:  how can one be both avoidant and dependent?  Though, I did always wonder if it were possible to be terrified of both people and being alone.

Here are my ratings for each category:

Paranoid:  LOW

Schizoid:  MODERATE

Schizotypal:  HIGH

Antisocial:  LOW

Borderline:  LOW

Histrionic:  HIGH

Narcissistic: MODERATE (self-absorbed, but self-loathing)

Avoidant:  VERY HIGH

Dependent:  HIGH

Obsessive-Compulsive:  HIGH

These weren’t necessarily the results I thought I would get.  I’m not really anti-social?  Cool!  But the avoidant thing…I know that’s a problem.  And what do we do when there’s a problem? We run away from it! :)

The next couple of pages analyze my computer-generated issues in more detail.  Some of the points are completely on the money (those are underlined), where others made me say uh, what?  I guess I will just have to try to start working on those underlined items one by one.  But honestly, this test hasn’t really told me anything, apart from the Avoidant category really suiting me to a tee.   So, Dr. Phil…do you have any thoughts?

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