Diagnose Me: Part Two

Posted on Feb 17, 2010

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A continuation of Part One

So, I decided to stop asking questions and opted to try to see if an unofficial online diagnosis could tell me anything about myself.  Because I just don’t have good luck with real doctors, and I am beyond curious.  I’ll let you in on the results in just a moment, but I would say the biggest help in taking the test was the questions themselves.  If some of these questions are being asked, then that must mean there are more people like me, right?

A choice few of the questions on the test:

Do you have a difficult time relating to others?  Isn’t that something I blog about oh so much?

Do you find it’s hard to concentrate on one thing for a long time?  Uh, what? Sorry, I was doing something else.

Is your appearance or behavior considered “eccentric” by other people?  I didn’t think so, since when I think “eccentric” I think of some old guy with ear hair who obsessively collects clocks, but I have been called that twice this week.  So I guess that’s a yes.

Do you intentionally injure yourself, for instance by cutting yourself or taking too many pills?  No. Never. The thought has never crossed my mind to do so.  Why would I? Ouch!

Some definite OMG YESes:

Do you consider yourself having a strong love for approval and praise?  Are you very afraid of being alone?  Are you focused on order and perfection?  Do you often second-guess yourself?  Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations?  Do you have trouble not taking criticism personally?  Are you quiet in social situations, often out of fear of saying something stupid? 

Do you have a hard time throwing things away, even if they are old and worn out?  Yes! Which kind of makes the “are you focused on order and perfection?” question a real pain in the ass!

Do you lie a lot? No. Never. Which makes life a lot more difficult.

Do you always feel the need to have a story to tell?  Isn’t that why I have this blog?

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