Posted on Nov 22, 2008

Why, hello there!  It’s so nice to see you have somehow landed on my blog!  Maybe you know me, have heard of me from previous blogs on the interwebs, or perhaps you Googled “prostitutes” and landed here. However you got here, I hope you will stay and come back!  And if you’re nice, I’ll even make you some cupcakes!  You know, low-carb black bean cupcakes, of course.

What is there to say about me?  Well, I’m getting closer to 30 than 20 these days, I’m Southern but still unmarried or without children, so this makes me an outsider, I struggle with diet and exercise every single day of my life, for better or worse, I’m a freelance writer, a former model, and I’m hoping to make my other love, photography, into a business venture very soon!  I have two Maltese dogs: Leo and Buffy, who have had two litters of puppies and I think that is quite enough of that.  How people breed dogs as their living, I will never know.  I have a boyfriend I’ve been dating for over five years that I refer to on here as The Boyfriend (real original, right?)…he has tons of health problems and part of this blog is dedicated to the cathartic word vomit that occurs when one of these problems flares up.  I tend to be socially awkward but can talk to computers and animals with no problem.  I’m sure this makes me weird.

Other sites I desperately try to keep up:

Wow, I just noticed that I listed four blogs, and they are all using different blogging platforms:  Wordpress, Tumblr, Webs.com, and Blogspot.  And the last one I’ve also made in Wix too, I just haven’t decided which one I like better.  Thus far, I have not come across the perfect blogging platform.  If I find one, I’ll let ya know. :)

Links to me Socially:

Gravy and Biscuits FB Fan Page
(the) Jebbica FB Fan Page

Things I’m Into and Guilty Pleasures:

  • Photography and writing (duh)
  • Roger Federer
  • Street dancing
  • All things Bollywood
  • Degrassi
  • Maltese dogs
  • Photoshop
  • Reading
  • Playing guitar
  • Health and fitness
  • Saving money
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Indie, electro, and bluegrass music
  • Making lists

Writing Credits:

  • USA Today (feature story)
  • CosmoGirl! (feature story)
  • MTV Online (feature story)
  • NY Times Online (American Idol videos)
  • Chicago Sun-Times (feature story)
  • Spin (Interview)
  • Idol Mania
  • Backseat Cuddler
  • Hollywood Crap (division of Bitten and Bound)
  • Gabby Babble
  • The Insider
  • Enigma Magazine (Chattanooga)

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